​The session may include 1-2 dogs or if you have a larger pack we are happy to accommodate them as well by photographing them in an extended or separate session.

Through a combination of candid action shots and some slightly more posed for portrait's you will end up with a collection of  beautiful authentic images that  you will treasure and be proud to display in your home and living spaces.

​​My "natural lifestyle approach" to photography is to engage  your dog in the fun playful activities that they love the most! The relaxed nature of this type of session brings out the true spirit of your dog and also allows us to get some great "in the moment" candid shots!

We want your dog to look their very best on the day of the session!  It is recommended that you bathe your dog or have them professionally groomed the day before we take your images.

No worries if your buddy gets a little nervous or distracted in front of the camera, we will take all the time we need to build your dog's confidence in the surroundings and put them at ease, it's going to be a fun and entertaining experience that will keep us all smiling while your dog shows off for the camera!

We keep most all dogs safely on a leash throughout the session, today's editing tools are a wonder at removing collars and leashes! Or if your dog is rocking that sporty or fancy bling collar we can leave it in the image to!

​If you have an off leash trained dog, awesome...we can utilize all that freedom!

​​Typically the session will last 1  to 2 hours and we will change locations within our chosen destination to take advantage of unique and beautiful lighting and backdrops.

We are photographing with the beauty of natural light so keep in mind mornings and early evening sessions are going to be the best time to take images that make your dog shine!

In the case of overcast stormy days we will want to reschedule the session.

It's no secret that a Black and White image can have a drama, elegance, and unexpected beauty all it's own.

Horses and dogs are the perfect subject to capture the impact and play of light when artfully done in Black and White.

Starting this journey back in the days of film I spent a lot of time taking images and developing them in Black and White.

I'm still enamored today with their impact and complex simplicity.

Today with digital processing the whole Greyscale Genre has expanded from the original idea of Black and White to include cream toned and sepia toned to name just a couple.

​Included in every session I will present you with about 10% of your beautiful images done  in Greyscale so you can experience the drama and perfection of it for yourself.

The timeless beauty of Greyscale images is so on trend and has taken the recent Home Décor  Industry by a storm. I'm confident you will find a special niche in your living spaces to proudly display  a stunning Gallery Framed Print or Canvas of your beloved companion done in this manner.


Shortly after the photography image taking session is completed I will invite you back to Oakwood for your own private screening/ ordering session  where I will show you all of the best moments that I have captured. This is your companion's story... How would you like to tell it?

We can look over all of the professional product samples available that we have carefully curated for you and can customize them with your own special images.

​Your images are something that will be enjoyed on a daily basis, admired over time and you will treasure

 them forever.


​16746 Wells Road  Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050   

(740) 392 6554

Canine And Equine Images



Taking Your Images Was The Exciting First Step... Now,  How Would You Like To Show Them Off ?

Let's get started !

You may contact me by phone at Oakwood (740) 392 -6554 .    

We will set up a time for a photography session consult to take place by phone or in person at the Oakwood Office, it should last about 15 minutes.

We will discuss, your session goals and everything  you want me to know about you and your pet's special relationship, lifestyle and then some!

We will also talk about what style of images you envision for your home or office, and what type of  location you would prefer the photography session to take place at,  also where and how you plan to display your images. 

You can decide which of our 3 types of image taking sessions you would like to select for your companion and if you wish to come along for the adventure or if you would like to have your images taken while your dog is at Oakwood boarding with us.

 At the close of this meeting we will select a date, time, and location for your images to be taken. and follow up viewing and ordering meeting .

​Your choice of session type and session fee is required at this time to hold your space on my calendar.W



​We accept all major credit cards.


​Black And White


Copyright © Of All Images And Text By Oakwood Kennel.LLC  All Rights Reserved And May Not  Be Used Or Copied In Any Form.

​All of our imaging products are produced at the best Professional Photography Labs in the country where

they custom process them with the latest innovations in technology to produce stunning results and exceptional archival quality, we wouldn't dream of offering you anything less.

​The range of today's offerings is exciting. Everything from beautiful print collections nestled in our custom Folio Boxes to our Collections, that include everything you could wish for including Digital's and Gallery Wall Art pieces.

I'll be there to guide you step by step through all the great options available for you to display your newly treasured images in a style you will love.

A complete price list will be given to you at your consultation and viewing appointment's. 

The average investment ranges from $225 to $1,000.

Payment for all collections and print orders are due at the time of order placement

​We accept cash and the three major credit cards shown below. All sales are final and custom orders are non refundable.


​​​​In as much as all of our equine journeys are unique 

there lies a common thread that draws us all together ... 

Weather you enjoy English, Western, Gaited, or even have a very special Harness Horse that you own for pleasure or show, I love to create beautiful portrait and lifestyle images that show your horse and genre in a way that is heartfelt and meaningful to you personally.​ 

We will choose a location and decide what type of images you would like, what type of tack, wardrobe and backgrounds appeal to you.

On the day of the shoot we want both you and your favorite steed to look your very best so have yourself and your horse groomed to the nines and your tack cleaned and polished!

​Typically the shoot will last about 2-3 hours and will take place in the early morning or early evening which will produce superior light.

Images will include Portrait, Action, and Lifestyle. Some will be taken with tack and some without. We can photograph your horse working at liberty, running free or working under saddle whatever is your preference.

 I have these beautiful images of my own horse Noble, and it brings me great joy to see him displayed in many ways throughout my home.

​Today's home decore trend of large Equine Wall Art is fabulous, made even better by the fact that we can make it deeply personal to you, by creating it of your very own horse.

​The options available are staggering and so much fun to shop for and create together